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The Board of Directors is happy to announce the arrival and launch of our very own Website.  If you are reading this message, you have already learned to navigate the site.  We hope this site will allow for an even greater sharing of information about our wonderful community.  If you "log in" to the site as a first time user, we will be able to provide you with access to future information that will ONLY be available to co-owners and/or their authorized representatives. 

"Please note that your email information will be kept  "CONFIDENTIAL" and will not be sold, shared, or otherwise available to anyone other than the management staff of the Association."

Board of Directors meeting agenda - posted 8/2/2021



July 28, 2021                                                             7:00 P.M.

1)         Chairman Comments                                

2)         Resident Forum

3)         Meeting Called to Order at:

4)         Additions and/or Corrections to the Agenda

5)         Approval of Minutes:

6)         Treasurer’s Report- K. Cathcart

7)         Active Standing Committee Reports:

8)         Clubhouse

9)         Grounds

10)      Community Reports:
City Liaison- J. Ballantine

11)      CANH Report- CANH Representative

12)      Correspondence

13)      Unfinished

14)      Opening Clubhouse (capacity)

15)      New Business

Courtesy Rule

Definition of Family for renters

Electric cars – hook up

Budget meeting

Resident Questions

16)      Announcements

17)      Next Meeting: September 22, 2021

18)      Adjournment at: